Advent u Zagrebu

Advent for children

Who is more excited about Christmas than the little ones? They know how to cherish its joy and magic, they still believe in Santa Claus and are eager to share their enthusiasm for the Christmas magic with everyone.

So this year, there will be special programs designed specifically for them to enjoy, to make them smile and to share with them the excitement over Christmas presents and cakes and to remind the slightly older ones how beautiful it is to be a child.

Advent in Mala scena theater

The play “A Snow Fairy Tale” at the Mala Scena Theater does not begin after you take your seats, but by entering the atrium, where children and parents will enjoy real Christmas magic with festive games, a chocolate making workshop, and the chance to write a letter to Santa Claus, so that they can contribute to the show and let their creativity run wild.

01.12.2022. 17:00 Mala scena Theatre

Advent in Zagreb Zoo: Croatian Tales of Long Ago

This fairy tale collection by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, with its fantastic characters, beautiful landscapes and Croatian flora and fauna, has shaped childhoods of many generations, so it comes as no surprise that it was chosen as the theme for this year's Advent in the Zoo.

27.11.2022. -06.01.2023. The Zagreb Zoo

Museum of Chocolate

Times are changing and so are the children's habits. Still, throughout the 20th century, one special hobby shaped many childhoods and many generations of children: collecting album stickers.

01.12.2022. -08.01.2023. Chocolate Museum

Live Nativity Scene

For over twenty years, the Cenacolo Community has organized an authentic Christmas spectacle in the very heart of the city: a live Nativity scene, conceived and performed by them, along with the help of local families and children, to whom this show has always been very dear.

18.12.2022. Park Opatovina

Backo mini express – Train Museum

Anyone who has ever visited Zagreb during Advent can agree that the city is truly magical at this time of year. And it was made smaller by a very special spell and placed in the form of miniatures in the Backo Mini Express!

27.11.2022. -07.01.2023. Mini Train Museum – Backo Mini Express

Workshops of the Croatian School Museum

As we know, children enjoy Christmas the most. To make this time even more special for them, the Croatian School Museum organizes two workshops for all elementary school students.

10.12.2022. 11:00 Zagreb City Museum

Advent in Lisinski for the youngest

A rich program for the youngest in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall will contribute to the festive atmosphere in Zagreb.

04.12.2022. 10:00 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

Craft Advent

Old movies for children preserve timeless values for all generations and spread the warmth needed during this Christmas season, so this Advent, you will hear children’s voices from the classics such as Train in the Snow, Pero Knobble’s Gang and Smogovci echoing through the corridors of the Passage of the Zagreb Crafts Chamber.

26.11.2022. -01.01.2023. Croatian Chamber of Trade

Merry Christmas Tram

A magical ride with Santa and his crew, filled with fun, laughter and special presents, is sure to amuse everyone, especially the little ones.

Advent for children in MiniPolis

Advent for children in MiniPolis is dedicated to those who believe the most in the magic of Christmas – the children.

03.12.2022. -08.01.2023. MiniPolis

St. Nicholas' Town

Christmas decorations found only in fairy tales, a handful of creative holiday workshop ideas and an entertainment program made by famous children's performers await children and their parents again this year in the largest entertainment center Amazinga in Zagreb.

05.12.2022. -06.12.2022. Amazinga children's entertainment center
The Zagreb Tourist Board is not responsible for the decisions of the organizers regarding changes in dates, performers and program or in case of event cancellation. All information is subject to change or cancellation in accordance with the decision of the individual organizer/project holder and epidemiological measures that will be in force at the time of the event/project execution. We kindly ask all those interested to get additional information on all available platforms. Furthermore, we kindly ask all visitors to check the number of places available before attending a particular program/concert, as seating is limited, and we urge everyone to follow the prescribed epidemiological measures and instructions of the Civil Protection Directorate.