Advent at the Croatian National Theatre

Embrace the magical atmosphere of Advent in Zagreb in one of the most exquisite buildings in the city of Zagreb, a symbol of culture and art.

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11/30/2019 - 1/7/2020

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Come join us for a cup of tea accompanied by Christmas music and our Overture programme specially created to offer all visitors a sneak peek at the current productions and the show scheduled for that particular day at the Croatian National Theatre.

During the Advent festivities at HNK, sessions of classical, jazz and soul music are followed by live concerts performed by Croatian musicians and performers and DJ programmes, this time exclusively made up of Christmas music and songs from the Christmas repertoire.

The programme outside the building of the Croatian National Theatre takes place every day until the 24th of December, from 5 pm to 11 pm.

*The presentation of HNK productions depends on the current schedule of the Croatian National Theatre