Advent in Tunnel

Take a peek at the magical Nutcracker world!

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11/30/2019 - 1/7/2020

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Curtain after curtain opens before you as you walk from the entrance in Mesnička Street to the large central tunnel, and when you have passed by the last and the largest one, you see a forest of snow-capped pine trees and giant Nutcrackers standing guard under hundreds of colourful toys in the sky. The scene instantly brings back childhood memories of joyful anticipation and the exciting moment of discovering gifts under the Christmas tree.

Working hours:
11/30/2019 – 1/8/2020
 9am - 10pm

12/24 & 12/31/2019
9am - 2pm

12/25 , 12/26/2019  & 1/1/2020
12pm - 8pm

Please note that during Advent in Zagreb you may enter the Grič Tunnel only from Mesnička Street and exit only in Radićeva Street because of the one-way traffic through the tunnel.