Advent on Stross + Vranyczany Plateau

Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with a view of the city!

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11/30/2019 - 1/7/2020

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When we dream of Advent and Christmas holidays, we think of fine food, shiny lights and beautiful decorations, of joyful music, all to be enjoyed in the company of people we care about the most.
The Upper Town in Zagreb has a spot for all of your holiday dreams to come true, a place where you can enjoy good company and good fun. Advent at Stross is like a small town in its own right, catering to all your needs, body and mind. Come and live your holiday dream in the most romantic spot in Zagreb's Upper Town, enjoy daily concerts and DJ entertainment, bring your children to have fun at weekend art workshops, pamper yourself with great food and drink and enjoy the most amazing views of Zagreb for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Weekdays from 10am to 12am
Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year from 10am to 2am