Advent u Zagrebu

Culture in the time of Advent

The Christmas spirit is also felt in the performances and exhibitions that will give the visitors a true experience for this time of the year.

Kindness and inclusion, traditional customs and caring for each other, happiness on the faces of the little ones, and indispensable gifts in the magical season of giving. Artistic performances as part of the Advent in Zagreb, every sight, movement, sound and touch are sure to evoke the idyllic atmosphere of this special time of year.

Advent in the Ethnographic Museum – Kinč exhibition is not kitsch

Certainly one of the most famous traditional Croatian symbols of Christmas is the “kinč” or “cimer”, an ornament made of intertwined evergreen branches and other greenery decorated with ornaments made of colorful crepe paper, Christmas apples and silver-plated nuts, straw ornaments, silk candy and other homemade decorations.

02.12.2022. 10:00 Ethnographic Museum

Advent in Vidra

Advent is a time when we do good and gift others to kindle the light with our beautiful souls to welcome Christmas.

01.12.2022. 20:00 Vidra Theatre

Advent in Mala scena theater

The play “A Snow Fairy Tale” at the Mala Scena Theater does not begin after you take your seats, but by entering the atrium, where children and parents will enjoy real Christmas magic with festive games, a chocolate making workshop, and the chance to write a letter to Santa Claus, so that they can contribute to the show and let their creativity run wild.

01.12.2022. 17:00 Mala scena Theatre

Museum of Chocolate

Times are changing and so are the children's habits. Still, throughout the 20th century, one special hobby shaped many childhoods and many generations of children: collecting album stickers.

01.12.2022. -08.01.2023. Chocolate Museum

Advent at Dagmar's in Krležin Gvozd

Dagmar Meneghello, a Croatian collector, holds an incredible collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art by modern Croatian artists, and this Advent she will unveil her world in Krležin Gvozd to the visitors.

02.12.2022. -07.01.2023. Krležin Gvozd

Advent in Lisinski

For nearly fifty years, this concert hall has been a real gem of the Zagreb music scene, a destination for famous international music names, and its program shall enrich the program of this year's Advent in Zagreb.

02.12.2022. 19:30 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

The first Advent outside Zvečka (Rattle)

Zagreb's New Wave Museum is planning a special event that will include a smaller, mobile catering facility.

26.11.2022. -07.01.2023.

Advent in the Zagreb City Museum

To mark the festive, Advent season, the Zagreb City Museum will host many special events.

26.11.2022. -18.12.2022. Zagreb City Museum

Plati i nosi (Cash and Carry)

Where? Meštrović Pavilion. When? From 21 to 23 December. Who? Students of the Academy of Fine Arts and young artists.

21.12.2022. -23.12.2022. HDLU - Croatian Association of Artists
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