Advent u Zagrebu

Made in Zagreb

Small or big, wooden or ragdolls, classic or animated, dolls or cars - toys were and remain the symbols of childhood, the things we remember with so much love and joy, what brings us back to careless and cheerful days.

And which time of the year takes us back to this time? Advent time, of course! Who doesn’t remember the excitement, the smile on children’s faces when they open presents on Christmas morning and find the toys that they have been longing for?

This year’s Advent Zagreb combines these two things: toys and Christmas. But not any toys! This year, all over the city of million hearts you will be greeted by over-dimensioned toys that used to be made in Zagreb, whether it’s classic Disney toys from Biserka factory or stuffed toys from Vavra’s workshop.

But we will not only hold on to the past. Advent is there to help the local community and stimulate togetherness, and is there a better way to do this than to invite local craftsmen and craftswomen who specialize in toys to present themselves to the visitors?

These hardworking and creative hands create the most beautiful childhood memories on a daily basis, and they are authentic, unique and didactic. Their work is more than just play for our young ones, and its likable designs are even sweeter once we learn that they are made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Take a walk through the city streets and look inside their stores, visit their online shops and social media. We guarantee that here you will find the perfect Christmas gift for your children!

Art Design by Tamara

Every string in ADT decorative toys has been carefully woven, and the authentic, artistic design of these toys make every one of them unique.

Mala igra

Crochet toys, dolls, rattles, chewers, decorations and swings - all of these are made by the hardworking needles and hands of Mala igra (Little Play).

Nena Dolls

This small Croatian brand decided to turn its love of sewing into toys that thrill both children and adults.


Three years ago, a baby girl named Lota was born and one family from Zagreb got an unusual idea: be the first ones in Croatia to manufacture black and white, visually stimulative baby toys and accessories.


Gumbeki, Filceki, Zmijice and Sunčeko - these are the names of Kištra’s toys.


Love for wood and some extra time resulted in a special kind of children’s toys, made in this workshop.


HAI (Hrvatske autentične igračke - Croatian Authentic Toys) brand has given the Croatian market something new: didactic toys that stimulate interactive experience, and are inspired by Croatian cultural heritage.


The Mikuš family have been in the crafts business for generations, and they have been creating colourful, cheerful, traditional wooden toys we love and recognize as parts of Croatian cultural heritage.


A lot of love, imagination, time and even more crayons have been invested into every kid’s drawing, into every little work of art that is made by these creative minds full of inconceivable ideas - the ones that only little artists can have.


Mannequins, puppets, dolls, little gifts, souvenirs, scenography, painted ceramics, toys, illustrations. All of these are created with lots of love, effort and creativity in Lutak, Zagreb workshop that opened in 1996.

Jasmina i lutkice

Like book with a thousand tempting pages...a novel of passion and integrity, memorable and sincere...a storybook of colorful dreams...Jasmina`s dolls tell stories of lyric memories of childhood.