Advent u Zagrebu

Music in Advent

Can you imagine Christmas in silence? Without the soft melody of Silent Night or jolly rhythm of All I Want For Christmas? Of course not - music gives soul to every mood, and especially the Christmas one.

Music gives Christmas lights its magical glow, and special colours to Christmas trees. It makes nutcrackers smile and sing to us, and its soft tunes will warm each and every heart on winter cold. Music passes through the air, flutters with the first snowflakes, embraces the colourful baubles and awakens that special feeling inside of us, the one we have been waiting for the whole year.

Christmas is the ideal stage for musical events, and Advent Zagreb gives us 14 programs with over 100 concerts that will make sure every visitor finds just the right tune to get into that magical Christmas mood.

Whether you prefer the warmth of concert halls or warming your hands on a warm cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine, there are numerous locations all over the city that will send out Christmas music sheets: traditional holiday songs, operas, film melodies, traditional Croatian music and modern pop songs.

Advent in LADO

Music is a symbol of Christmas, it invites you to dance and be merry, it represents the soundtrack to every mood and occasion, but it also provides the best way to familiarize yourselves with a nation’s culture.

18.12.2021. 19:00 LADO Dance Ensemble premises

Advent Under Lanterns

Lights are one of the main symbols of Christmas. During Advent time we light candles and switch on numerous lights because it is this luminescence that warms our hearts and brings out the true spirit of Christmas.

01.12.2021. -24.12.2021. Upper Town

Zagreb Advent Cards

The most familiar scenes of Zagreb, the vedutas of this City of Million Hearts, shall reveal their secret places this Advent time by inviting professional musicians to perform the most famous Christmas songs inside them, as part of 24 concerts.

29.11.2021. 16:00 Oktogon Passage

Musical Atrium of ZYT

Zagreb Youth Theatre has always been known as the gathering spot of all of those looking for good fun and top art - the terms which fit into Advent’s concept perfectly.

10.12.2021. 17:30 Zagreb Youth Theater Music Atrium

Music in Octagon

If you take a shortcut from Ilica to Cvjetni square or the other way around, you will find yourselves in a stunning Octagon passage that is enriched by a magnificent stained-glass dome.

27.11.2021. 17:00 Oktogon Passage

Concerts in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

With a rich concert program, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall is a mecca for all lovers of classical music in December.

04.12.2021. 19:30 Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall

Advent on Zrinjevac - musical programme

In the heart of Zagreb lies its most romantic park - Zrinjevac. Enriched by greenery, statues and art constructions, it is equally magical at any time of the year, but during the Christmas time it becomes simply mesmerising: thousands of Christmas lights climbing 100-year-old plane trees, whispering that the Christmas fairy tale may begin.

27.11.2021. 19:00 Zrinjevac Music Pavilion

Evenings with Brahms

Composer and performer. Traditionalist and innovator. Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) was one of the greatest virtuosos, and he continues to inspire musicians to this day with his compositions that spread magic and diversity.

04.12.2021. 19:00 Liszt Institute Zagreb

Advent at Katarinac Square

The best selection of music in town will lift the mood on Katarinac square during Advent - with the help of mulled wine scents, delicious snacks by the Brokenships Bistro, and desserts by Petra Jelenić.

02.12.2021. -31.12.2021. Catherine’s Square

Advent Classic Fest

For five years Advent Classic Fest has been bringing the best of classical music, wrapped in merry Christmas spirit, to its visitors.

04.12.2021. 19:00 Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall

Zagreb Soloists’ Advent Concerts

The most prominent chamber ensemble in Croatia, The Zagreb Soloists, have decided to invite young musicians, laureates of international musical competitions, to join them on the Christmas stage this year so they can fill Zagreb’s Christmas spirit with their performances.

11.12.2021. 12:30 Zagreb City Museum

Zagreb Chamber Orchestra Concerts

Superb and inspiring musical notes that will be created by Zagreb Chamber Orchestra’s amazing bows shall definitely enrich the Christmas spirit of this year’s Advent Zagreb.

02.12.2021. 19:30 Croatian Writers' Association

From Christmas Balconies to Zagreb

When taking a walk through the streets of Zagreb, you will certainly admire the numerous lights and decorations and get carried away by this special Christmas spirit. But perhaps you will also be surprised by beautiful music whose source you can’t quite pinpoint.

27.11.2021. 14:00 The Lav Gallery balcony

Festival of Advent and Christmas Songs

When walking down the streets of the Old Town, stop by the Kamenita vrata passage and take in the magic sent out by vocal and vocal-instrumental performances of this festival.

01.12.2021. 19:30 Saint Blaise Church

Zagreb Harp Festival - Harp to Advent

Harps - these classic instruments characterized by rich sounds have been creating soft, yet crystal clear melodies for over 5500 years, and have found their way to this year’s Advent Zagreb.

01.12.2021. 20:00 Museum of Broken Relationships

Christmas garden at ALU

Is there a better holiday atmosphere than a fairy-tale garden with artistic scenography and trees coloured by lights?

27.11.2021. -01.01.2022. Academy of Fine Arts

Advent on Stross

The scent of delicious Christmas food, the colourfulness of lights and decorations, the warmth of our loved ones - this is Advent on Stross. Add to this weekend concerts of urban club music and you can see why the Stross is the main destination of everyone looking for good fun and holiday atmosphere this Advent time.

27.11.2021. 20:00 Strossmayer promenade

Advent at Ban Josip Jelačić Square

During Advent, the City of Zagreb traditionally offers a rich cultural program that satisfies even the most demanding visitors. More than a hundred programs will take place at numerous locations in the city, and, in accordance with the tradition, various concerts will also be held at Ban Josip Jelačić Square.

02.12.2021. -24.12.2021. Ban Jelačić Square
The Zagreb Tourist Board is not responsible for the decisions of the organizers regarding changes in dates, performers and program or in case of event cancellation. All information is subject to change or cancellation in accordance with the decision of the individual organizer/project holder and epidemiological measures that will be in force at the time of the event/project execution. We kindly ask all those interested to get additional information on all available platforms. Furthermore, we kindly ask all visitors to check the number of places available before attending a particular program/concert, as seating is limited, and we urge everyone to follow the prescribed epidemiological measures and instructions of the Civil Protection Directorate.