Virtual Christmas Windows

Experience the motifs of this year's Advent in augmented reality.

This year's motifs of the Zagreb Advent will be presented by the Zagreb Tourist Board through the content of augmented reality, an exhibition called “Virtual Christmas Windows”.

We will connect the traditional and warm story of Advent with modern technologies and direct Advent visitors to about 20 locations in the wider area of the city (squares and parks).

In accordance with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute for Public Health, visitors will be able to see the animated content we have prepared for them using the Equinox XR application through the their mobile phone screen.

How to use the application:

The Equinox XR application needs to be installed on mobile devices.

Upon arrival at the location, it is necessary to access the application and it will display information on the mobile phone regarding its immediate vicinity.

By clicking on the icon that appears on the mobile phone screen, the application will guide the visitor to the exact place where the exhibition is set.

By rotating your mobile phone, as if you are to take a photo, you can go through the exhibition and interactively participate in it - take photos or share content on social media.


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See a list of all locations by clicking on the icon