l'Avent à Zagreb

27.11.2021. - 7.1.2022

  • 2016 best christmas market award
  • 2017 best christmas market award
  • 2018 best christmas market award

La lumière de l’avent 2020

#SvjetlostAdventa #AdventLights

Les fenêtres décorées des Zagrebois et des institutions transmettent des messages de joie, de solidarité et de bienveillance et sont le symbole du véritable esprit des fêtes.

La lumière de l’avent est un projet dans le cadre duquel l’office de tourisme de la ville de Zagreb souhaite inciter les institutions culturelles de la vieille ville à décorer leurs fenêtres dans l’esprit des fêtes.

En effet, en raison de la pandémie et du tremblement de terre, l’année 2000 a été et demeure difficile, ce projet étant censé raconter une histoire joyeuse, stimuler les émotions positives, créer un sentiment de cohésion et, au final, inciter la population locale à participer et contribuer à l’avent.

L’office de tourisme de la ville de Zagreb a invité les institutions culturelles à se joindre à l’initiative et à décorer les fenêtres en utilisant des décorations et lumières de Noël et en y inscrivant des messages positives du 28 novembre au 31 décembre 2020 afin de stimuler les autres.

  1. Galerie Klovićevi dvori et la tour Kula Lotrščak
  2. Musée des amours brisés, Ćirilometodska ulica 2
  3. Dortoir Marija Jambrišak, Opatička 14
  4. Institut croate d’histoire, Opatička 10
  5. Archives nationales de Zagreb, Opatička 29
  6. École maternelle Tatjana Marinić, Matoševa 7
  7. Musée croate d'histoire naturelle, Demetrova 1
  8. Musée croate d’arts naïfs, Ćirilometodska 3
  9. Musée de la ville de Zagreb, Opatička 20
  10. Office de tourisme de la ville de Zagreb, Kaptol 5
  11. Centre d’accueil, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 11
  12. Pharmacie municipale de Zagreb, Kamenita ul. 9

Les saveurs de l’Avent à Zagreb

l'Avent à Zagreb 2019

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Appréciations des visiteurs

Ljiljana Mitić, Hrvatska

Nigdje u Europi nismo vidjeli bogatiji, ljepši, organiziraniji, ... Advent!!!

Obišli smo brojne gradove Europe u zadnjih mjesesc i pol dana, i NIGDJE nismo vidjeli bogatiji, ljepši, organiziraniji, ... Advent!!! To me kao Hrvaticu silno veseli, osobito jer se u Zagrebu ponovo osjeća njegova tradicionalna kultura, ukus, sofisticiranost i bogatstvo duhovnim vrijednostima. Vrijedno divljenja i nas domaćih, a pogotovo turista. 

Edward Joseph Mavrinac, Oakville, Canada

Undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime!!!

I would highly recommend the city of Zagreb, Croatia to any and all tourists who truly wish to experience the true spirit and energy of the Advent Season. It is an experience which any guests/tourists will never forget.

Tobias und Anna, Wien

Wir haben super Geschenke gefunden.

Einige davon auch für uns selbst. (Lachen)
Alzbeta 29, Czech Republic

Spectacular experience.

The kids had a blast!
Marija i Zoki, Hrvatska

Uživali smo i zasigurno dolazimo opet.

Ivana, Leona y Nina

Fue extraordinario e inolvidable.

Rumi 31, UK

This is perfect!

Highly recommended. Skating around with the beautiful city buildings overlooking is overwhelming.

L'Avent dans les médias

Evening Standard

Why you need to visit Zagreb's Advent market

If you think European Christmas markets are little more than twee tourist traps selling overpriced trinkets, you haven’t been to Zagreb’s Advent market. It’s a city-wide street party with a civilised buzz that makes everything sparkle and glow. And it wasn’t just the mulled wine, or the rakija, or the hot gin...


A Culinary Guide To Zagreb's Christmas Market (Voted Europe's Best)

No matter where you find yourself in Zagreb — whether it’s ice skating in front of King Tomislav Square or listening to a children’s choir at the main square of Ban Josip Jelačić — wooden kiosks offering hand-held local food and drink are just steps away, offering a culinary crash course. (Plus, there’s no better way to stay warm than with a full, happy belly.) 

CNN Travel

Advent traditions around the world

Visitors to the capital, Zagreb, will find a city in full throes of Advent and Christmas spirit in December, with wooden stalls selling handcrafted souvenirs, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine.

The travel website European Best Destinations named the Zagreb Christmas Market as the Best Christmas Market for the third year running, as voted by the public.

There’s plenty to buy, eat and drink, but you also shouldn’t miss the ice-skating on King Tomislav Square and the highly anticipated Christmas Taleperformance at the Central City Square.


For the third consecutive year, Zagreb sits atop the European Best Destinations list of the Best Christmas markets

The secret of the capital of Croatia’s success includes high-quality crafts, a friendly and festive atmosphere, concerts, ice skating rinks and affordable prices.

Condé Nast Traveller

Zagreb Christmas market - Best for: A city-wide celebration

From the brass ensemble concerts that take place on the most beautiful balconies around the city to the ice rink in King Tomislav Square, the Croatian capital goes all out at Christmas. 

Daily Mail Online

Probably the most exciting Christmas markets... in the world.

There are annual awards for Christmas markets and Zagreb grabbed first place last year. Croatia’s hipster capital has a large student population and offers festive value.